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Software Applications

Bespoke Software Applications

We live in a world driven by Software Applications, Programs and Internet of Things devices. Software is the heart of most businesses across most Industries. VCIT helps make sense of the software decisions facing organisations and quantify those into Business Use-cases that can be correctly qualified and interpreted by our world class development Team. We cover a variety of leading software development languages and database technologies, but please reach out if you don’t see what you are looking

Over and above our own Analysts and Developers, VCIT has a strategic partnership with eSoft Development and Technologies who is our India Off Shore Development Partner. This relationship came about through leveraging South Africa’s role in the international BRICS agreement and thus opening up new economic corridors of trade with India amongst others.

The net benefit to our Clients is the ability to utilise world class skills at reasonable prices relative to the South Africa market with local support and after sales service. eSoft is a Microsoft technology hub that develops solutions on the framework of innovation. Like us eSoft are passionately committed to the growth of our customers and drive their competitive edge with the help of tailor-made solutions

VCIT FetchIT® IM Conversational Commerce Platform

We’re all familiar with the worldwide adoption in text messaging, but in the past year we’ve seen a rush of new product/services that rely on person-to-person or machine-to-person interaction not through an app, but via text and voice.

Nearly a year ago Chris Messina wrote a post inventorying the forebears to what he believes (and so do we) has become the dominant trend of consumer computing apps in 2016, a trend that he dubbed Conversational Commerce and has tracked with the hashtag #ConvComm.

Remember Chris is the guy who invented the hashtag, so he usually calls it right. This trend best came to life in 2015 with Uber’s integration into Facebook Messenger. According to Chris Messina, conversational commerce pertains to utilizing chat, messaging, or other natural language interfaces (i.e. voice) to interact with people, brands, or services and bots that heretofore have had no real place in the bidirectional, asynchronous messaging context.

While the Conversational trend continues to spawn business models based on Bots or B2C e-commerce mostly, we at VCIT felt that we needed to bring Enterprise relevance to Conversational Commerce space. Having been heavily investing in the development of an IM first Conversation Platform we challenged ourselves to go beyond the rhetoric of Bots and subsequently conceptualised FetchIT®

The creation of VCIT’s FetchIT® solution which has been shipping since December 2016 has leveraged of Chris’ prediction and brought to life the ability to interact with Business Functions through an Instant Messaging Platform. Interestingly enough, while we integrate to most SMS and IM Brands (FaceBookIM, Skype, Twitter, Viber, etc of the world), our core strategy has always been to develop Conversational Services on WhatsApp

With FetchIT® you don’t need to convince users to “download and install” another App. They can just add a contact (Bot) to their phone book or IM App, then just start a conversation with it. Users simply interact with it through the IM user interface like they would chat to another person. All this is based on Business rules and natural language used in the Business itself. This approach has almost Zero barriers to adoption because it leverages of socially engineered behavioural norms that were defined in the language of the Users and not Systems.

FetchIT® aim to enable a world where IM Business Conversations (across B2B, B2C, G2C, etc) can be expected and managed, rather than be avoided, because users have been conditioned to receive them from their friends with no user training. While you may have ignored that news app alert telling you about
“new stories”, you might appreciate and respond to a IM messages about service requests, questions, outages or anything really. Even if you are in a meeting.

FetchIT® removes barriers for Users to easily and quickly access information and business functions when and where they need it. Through FetchIT’s® Middleware layer we securely and accurately provide information that is readily available in most Business Systems today. We then go a step further
and optimise the associated workflows through FetchIT® Mobi Forms which will allows the User to enter basic information required to kick off workflows across systems and other Users (Leave Request as an example)

How it works

How FetchIT® can enable your Business Functions

  • HR – Leave, Payroll, New Hire Request
  • Finance – Creditors, Debtors, Reports
  • Procurement- Proof of delivery, New Purchase Request
  • Facilities Management – Building Management
  • Service Desk – Raising Incidents, Requesting Services, Updates, etc
  • Physical Asset Management – Tracking, Reporting
  • Analytics Anywhere – Automated delivery of Reports in Whatsapp

Below is data from Business Insider showing that messaging apps have eclipsed social networks in monthly actives:

Part of our portfolio includes Customizable Off The Shelf (COTS) technologies from Best in Class software product providers like Splunk, Meru, Attachmate, Microsoft, Symantec and many others. In these areas we are able to provide our Clients with software licensing, professional services and training for each respective product sets.